In 1975, sisters, Lois and Carol started THE BIG ONE – an art and craft vendor show featuring all homemade goods – with their very first Christmas show in Minot, North Dakota. With years of experience and success under their belts, they introduced the Fargo Fall Show in 1988, then the Minot Spring Show in 1991.

Lisa Frank was familiar with the shows, as she had frequented them over the years, and eventually was an exhibitor herself. Stacy Frank had seen his own success in several other trade shows, taking them to new heights.

So, in 2006, Lois and Carol brought in Lisa and Stacy Frank to take their places and continue THE BIG ONE where they got their bearings shadowing Lois and Carol for their Fargo Fall and Minot Christmas shows.

On December 1st, 2006, Lisa and Stacy excitedly took ownership of THE BIG ONE. Nearly three years later, they were able to expand, adding yet another show in Mandan. A year later, this show was moved to the Bismarck Event Center, now popularly known as the Bismarck Christmas Show. In 2015, their Fargo show was moved from the Fargo Civic Center to the FARGODOME, allowing them to expand.

Lisa and Stacy have built their own legacy, taking over where the sister’s left off, and look forward to the continued growth and success of THE BIG ONE.

THE BIG ONE Art & Craft Fair consists of four shows in North Dakota with over 350 different exhibitors showcasing their hand made items to thousands of consumers.

Items you will see at each show include:

  • handcrafted wood furniture and decorative pieces
  • photography
  • pottery
  • jewelry
  • floral arrangements to accommodate all tastes
  • flavorful foods (including baked goods, soups, dips, jams, jellies, breads, salsa, spices, candies, and wonderful desserts)
  • creative and comfortable clothing pieces for all ages
  • hand made soaps and lotions made from various natural resources
  • unlimited baby items from blankets to bibs and everything in between
  • hand woven rugs
  • home sewn quilts and blankets
  • wind chimes
  • 3-D photography and artwork
  • hand made toys
  • and more!

THE BIG ONE Art & Craft Fair has been a North Dakota owned small business for over 40 years.​

NO buy/sell, import/commercial or Direct Sales merchandise allowed.